Rolling Road Dyno

Dyno Developments 2WD Rolling Road Dyno

Our recently installed 2WD Precision rolling road by Dyno Development boasts 1200hp. It is capable of running any 2WD vehicle including motorbikes, quads and karts.

The Dynamometer control systems are the fastest and most stable in the industry with very fine load control and update speeds of 50000 times a second allowing us to accurately assess improvements made and reassure you the client that our power gains are legitimate.

The main features are:

  • Run very low power up to 1200 Horsepower at the wheels
  • Test Cars, Go Karts, and Motorcycles
  • Measure HP, Torque Time, Tractive effort rpm etc
  • Measure AFR / Lambda
  • Automatic weather station Air Temperature Correction
  • Measure vacuum / Boost
  • Thermocouple / EGT channels
  • Built in Knock detection
  • Measure RPM direct from engine / Roller speed
  • Ramp Mode for Power Graphing
  • Steady State mode for fine engine tuning
  • The Dyno uses Intelligent Adaptive load control and will hold load perfectly every time