Gareth Montgomery, owner of Autologik Motorsport on the podium at Silverstone

Gareth Montgomery, Silverstone Podium

Autologik Limited was established in March 2010 when current owner and experienced mechanic Gareth Montgomery took over Chris Ballamy Motors. Gareth has over 20 years experience in the automotive trade and an extensive knowledge over a wide range of vehicles including cars, boats and even tractors. Originally from New Zealand, Gareth obtained a degree in Automotive Engineering from Massey University in Wellington. Since being in the UK he has worked on both main stream cars and high performance race vehicles in both a dealership and independent environment.

In 2011 Gareth undertook the challenge of creating his own race car which he built from an unwanted BMW E36, stripping it out and customising it to his exacting requirements. Once completed (a much drawn out job due to the birth of Gareth’s two children) he eagerly began to race in the Kumho BMW Championship and has completed his third season as class champion. Along the way he decided to expand his business from everyday mechanics to include his passion of performance vehicles and so Autologik Motorsport was established.

To progress his knowledge Gareth uses an online training program, HP Academy, owned and managed by his good friend Andre Simon. He has also established links with Link ECU, OBP Motorsport, Powerflex and Ric Wood Motorsport, where Gareth was previously employed.

Last year Gareth was approached by Portsmouth University race team, Up-Racing, to assist with their own project car. Together they overcame problems that had been preventing the University team car performing as it should and culminated in their winning their next race. This is a relationship Gareth is keen to maintain as he believes in the value of the next generation of engineers and the importance of their role in the future of motorsport.

As a keen enthusiast himself Gareth loves nothing more than planning out a new project and understands the trials and tribulations of an amateur race driver through his own experiences. He has become known amongst other racers in the championship as the ‘Wiring Guy’ due to his faultless understanding of all things electrical and enjoys undertaking custom fabrication to overcome challenges in the build.