Injector Testing, Cleaning and Servicing

Picture shows Asnu injector cleaning machine

ASNU Injector Cleaning Machine


  • Has you vehicle got starting issues?
  • Does it have a lumpy idle?
  • Not performing like it used to?
  • Using increased amounts of fuel?
  • Smoking from the exhaust or failed an emissions test?
  • Surging and bucking under load?

Chances are you need your injectors servicing.



At Autologik we regularly clean your fuel system by inputting a cleaning product from the Forte range we stock, this removes most of the fuel contaminants which gets clogged but some residue remains and builds up over time. Think of it as a cup of tea, left overnight and when emptied out the next day leaves a tide mark around the cup, it’s the same with your injectors.

Our brand new top of the range ASNU injector cleaning machine not only cleans your injectors but helps us to diagnose faults with individual injectors in you vehicles engine. The spray pattern created during the testing process indicates how well each individual injector is performing enabling diagnosis of the problem. The system is so advanced it allows us to examine the fuel distribution, fuel droplet formation, fuel atomisation and fuel delivery both physically and visually. Once completed the injectors are ultrasonically cleaned and the rubber sealing rings, plastic protection caps and filter baskets are replaced. The injectors are then retested to ensure they are performing as a matched, balanced set.

Without this diagnostic tool it is impossible for garages to correctly, economically or efficiently solve problems with petrol fuel injected engines. Servicing injectors will save you time and money on service and repair bills, prolong the life of inlet and exhaust valves, piston compression rings, lambda/oxygen sensors and the catalytic exhaust system.

We not only offer this service for our customers in house but are able to offer this as a remote service for customers based anywhere in the UK. Please contact us to arrange your injector service today.