ECU Re-Mapping

ECU benching to enable re-mapping

Fancy amending your cars performance to improve efficiency and thus promote an increase in power, torque and fuel economy?

We offer remapping, formally chip tuning, bespoke to your own vehicle and your individual requirements to ensure the solution we provide is best suited to you.

You may think that the manufacturer ought to know best and we would normally agree except that in this instance they are catering for a worldwide market where as we can zone in on your own individual situation, location and needs. This means we can tailor adjustments for all vehicles taking into account all relevant variables (usage, mileage, climate etc)

The process takes on average between 30 and 60 minutes and involves us plugging our computer into your cars Electronic Control Unit and overwriting the default settings found there. Improvements are evident immediately and can be shown using our in house rolling road.

To see the benefits you could receive check our figures for your vehicle below: