ASNU M50 Injector

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ASNU have over 30 years of experience with injectors from all the various injector manufacturers worldwide. ASNU is represented in over 38 different countries, with thousands of injectors being tested and serviced in Aftermarket and Motorsport worldwide; a programme and experience unrivalled by anyone else in the world. This gave ASNU the greatest experience and understanding to develop a range of performance injectors that will do exactly what they are designed for –  Correct Performance. ASNU Performance Injectors are purpose-designed and built with the ideal spray pattern to match the flow required. They are designed to meet the varied demands of the Racing & Performance markets, with the largest range in the world!

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ASNU fuel systems and injectors are designed to be used in conjunction with standard grades of road-pump fuels, and certain race fuels with lubricant and corrosion packs (please enquire for details of tested and compatible race fuels).

The use of pure Ethanol, Methanol or other chemicals mixed in combination with standard pump gas or race fuels is not advised and will invalidate any warranty on all of our systems. Fuels with more than 50% ethanol, even with lubricants, will greatly accelerate wear and shorten system life as well as reducing the service life on any filters.

Our products are compatible with certain methanol blends containing an appropriate lubricant pack and E85 for race or drag events. When used with fuels that have Ethanol contents over 50% or fuels with a methanol content, the fuel system must be drained and flushed between events to prevent irreversible damage.